Abuse Prevention Team Lead

Job Overview

We are looking for an experienced Team Lead to lead our Abuse Prevention team. As a team, our goal is timely abuse report resolution and making our infrastructure a safer place on the internet.

In this position you will:

  • lead Abuse Prevention Team, which will research, identify and investigate requests that have potential fraud/abuse customer’s activities (e.g. SPAM, copyrights violations, malware, scamming, phishing etc.), take action in accordance with company’s Terms of Services and policies;
  • act as a liaison with the RIRs, country and international law enforcement agencies, and all other relevant regulatory oversight agencies;
  • prepare reports regarding customer’s fraudulent and abuse activities;
  • determine and recommend an appropriate course of action for fraud detection, minimization and prevention;
  • develop, manage and improve abuse management process, software and internal policies.

We expect that you have:

  • in depth understanding of IP addressing, Global IP routing, Network Security, and other components of global Internet behavior;
  • experience in fraud and abuse management and investigations;
  • ability to analyze, summarize, and communicate findings and issues drawn from facts, and apply complex legal and regulatory requirements in a highly effective manner;
  • highly skilled in English verbal and written communication;
  • ability to quickly learn a new technology and processes;
  • analytical mind with creative problem – solving abilities and results – oriented approach;
  • strong work ethic with high energy and willingness to learn on the job.

Why Source Bridge?

  • flexible working hours and opportunity to work remotely;
  • competitive salary;
  • additional vacation days;
  • health insurance
  • challenging and interesting projects;
  • opportunity for continues learning;
  • environment where you can be who you are.

Gross salary

From 2500 Eur/ mon.

Depending on your skills and experience

Recruitment process

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