Abuse Prevention Specialist

Job Overview

We are expanding our Abuse Desk team. As a team, our goal is timely abuse report resolution and making our infrastructure a safer place on the internet.

In this position you will:

  • deal with incoming internet abuse reports (spam, phishing, malware, etc);
  • investigate and analyze claims, liaise with both clients and reporters, handle the reports within a set time frame according to the procedure;
  • identify harmful customers who misuse the company’s services and take preventive actions.

We expect that you have:

  • the basics of technical knowledge (a general understanding of IP addresses, servers, clouds, internet abuse and misuse);
  • excellent verbal, written & listening skills in English;
  • possibility to work in shifts.

Why Source Bridge?

  • flexible working hours and opportunity to work remotely;
  • competitive salary;
  • additional vacation days;
  • health insurance
  • challenging and interesting projects;
  • opportunity for continues learning;
  • environment where you can be who you are.

Gross salary

877 - 1600 Eur/ mon.

Depending on your skills and experience

Recruitment process

What are the next steps?

Life description.

We check out your life description, whether it be your LinkedIn profile or a finely crafted CV.

Getting to know each other.

Have a chat with HR and your future team about opportunities to grow, life and anything else you fancy.

Compatibility test.

See the inner workings of Source Bridge. Meet more team members and partake in a little workshop with us.

Join our team.

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